Custom Printing Service

Country Wear is excited to offer custom printing services! 

Printing or Direct Film Transfer is an alternative to embroidery.  Often chosen for large merchandise orders, printing is becoming very popular on the event and sporting scene. 

Country Wear is committed to delivering an affordable service without compromising on quality of end product.  

Reasons to choose County Wear for your next printing project - 

  1. Quality of end product
  2. Affordability
  3. Supporting outback business
  4. You will communicate with one person through the duration of your order!


Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing - example of Shearing Singlet with logo on the front and A4 size image on the back

  1. 1-200 products $40 each
  2. 201-300 products $38 each
  3. 300+ products $35 each


Timeframe -

Product time and delivery will be discussed at time of order.  


Minimum Quanity - 

Country Wear doesn't have a minimum order quanity however we do deals for larger orders.  


What can we print?

Clothing - singlets, jumpers, shirts, pyjamas

We can print logos, photos, graphic designs in your desired size. 


If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach out to Sally Sattler on 0428410443.